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I have been receiving Richard's work for twenty years on a regular basis.  Throughout this time I have experienced life trauma in many forms; loss, death, grief, physical and emotional exhaustion from a stressful career, physical injuries, overuse of my body without a regular exercise program, - in short, many types of stress, all debilitating.  And yet, at 68 years old, soon to be 69, I find that I am for the most part physically pain free, and emotionally and spiritually in a good place, at peace with who I am and feeling well cared for.  Richard's work keeps me balanced and allows my body to rest and become renewed from the inside out.  My ability to heal and recover from injury is accelerated.  My sense of well-being is elevated.  I don't want to imagine where I would be right now without the skill and gentle care he provides.  I had literally no sense of how to take care of myself, and he has shown me a path which I believe will allow me to live fully and in good health for many years to come.  LSC

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